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Vancouver Olympics 2010

I’m back in Vancouver for the Olympic events at Cypress Mountain. The weather has gone from rain/snow/fog to sunny and fifty degrees. The workload has gone from shoveling snow in the rain to sitting in the sun and watching the athletes train on the course we built. The crew I’m on has grown very protective of the course and grown a bit of an attitude, “We built this course so stay the hell off it”, berating anyone that gets near it.





You’ve got to love a serious Athlete!

Helen has been having fun working in the Athlete’s lounge. She was given a top-secret mission by the French snowboard team to find a sharpie pen and draw fake mustaches on each other before the half-pipe competition watched by millions all over the world. She was successful. Hours before the biggest event of their career they are in the bathroom drawing moustaches on each other laughing like schoolgirls. You gotta love snowboarders.

I’m a short-timer now, with just one last shift tomorrow, but its race day, the first Olympic women’s ski cross on the course we built. I will be working on the course.

I should be easy to spot; I’ll be in a Smurf-colored jacket and hat.

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