Liberty x2

We sailed down Long Island Sound, passing Rikers Prison at noon, the whole island encircled with barbed wire, and then sailed onto the East River. Down past the UN, under the Roosevelt Island tram and both Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges.

Roosevelt Island Tram
Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges
UN and Chrysler buildings
Ferries and Empire State Building

It was quiet – only us and passenger ferries from the boroughs buzzing about on the water. Manhattan seemed almost calm from the water even though I knew there was a mass of humanity just beyond the shoreline. I imagined an office worker, high up in a skyscraper looking down on us, muttering to himself, “Wish I was on that boat”.

We hooked below Manhattan and refueled in New Jersey. I ran and grabbed a few more supplies, as we heard a storm was heading up the coast and we had to make it across Chesapeake Bay before it hit. We weren’t planning on stopping again, to achieve that goal.

We relaunched as the winter sunset turned the sky behind NYC orange, and posed for photos as we sailed past Statue of Liberty on Sailboat Liberty.

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