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Toro de Fuego

It was ten o’clock at night and Pamplona was in full swing. We were off to Plaza de Santiago to see the Toro de Fuego; The flaming bull. We ended up in a tiny plaza filled with mostly families: small children, strollers. The flaming bull was being prepared at one end, Basically a man underneath a four-foot fake bull that rested on his shoulders leaving only his legs exposed. Atop of the bull’s back was an array of short firework tubes; pinwheels ¬†and rockets.










































We were on the benches as the man stood up and the bull on his shoulders rose above the crowd. The Toro exploded and he started to run through the plaza shooting sparks high into the air. I covered my eyes as he passed, sparks raining down stinging my skin. We joined a group of children and dad’s with toddlers on their shoulders and chased after Toro de Fuego. ¬†Suddenly, there was a loud explosion and flash from the bull’s back as he spun around and started running down the extremely narrow street towards us. The children squealed and scattered, as did we. The pinwheel on his back lit and started to spin rapidly, firing sparks in every direction followed by another loud explosion lighting the length of the street. We looked at each other in disbelief, shaking our heads; did that really just happen. This town is nuts.


Pamplona casualty #2

Good thing this dude switched to water (water bottle enclosed in his left hand ). Too bad he passed out before he could open it!

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