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Costa Rican Pigeons

We were in Quepos, Costa Rica, having lunch at a local outdoor cafe near the fishing boat dock. I have always found it annoying when I’m at a outdoor cafe and pigeons are at my feet pecking at anything that even slightly resembles food. However, at this cafe, instead of pigeons under the table, there were iguanas scurrying about looking for food scraps.



These large lizards come up from the harbor through the reeds and under the fence into the cafe. None of the other patrons seemed to notice, or care.

I certainly noticed.

Some were going on nearly three-feet long, multi-colored, with long claws. They scurried along the slick concrete floor, fighting with each other for hand-outs.



I realized then, that while pigeons are annoying, nothing compares to eating lunch with a massive lizard eye-balling you from close quarters.



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