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33 degrees


Coming from rainy Seattle, we were excited to visit tropical SE Asia. I checked all the countries we were going to visit and they all had temperatures well above 70 degrees.

Our first destination, China and the pilot come over the intercom, “Welcome to Beijing, the time is 9 pm and the temperature is 33 degrees.” Oops. Apparently I checked all but one country. All I brought was a light fleece and a rain jacket. I froze on the way to the hotel.

The following day we were out all day visiting the Great Wall and the Forbidden City, so I put on three t-shirts and my two jackets as we headed out early in the morning. After a few hours, I was already complaining (Helen loves that) and I had to buy a hat for my cold head. Luckily we were only in China for 36 hours.

I finally warmed up when we landed in Malaysia; I stepped off the plane and the wave of tropical humidity heat hit me. That’s more like it.

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