Freaky SF?

SF still freaky?

Is SF still freaky?

I wandered down lower Haight Street, through the neighborhood where I lived for a while. It was a little sketchy, anything-goes, kind of hood 22 years ago. With all the talk of gentrification in San Francisco, I was looking to see how the area has changed. Would it be less gritty? Less freaky?

It was midday and only a handful of of people were on the sidewalks. Then suddenly from down a sidestreet, out strolls a naked dude. Butt-naked except for some running shoes and a little clutch purse in his hand. He sauntered across the street with not a care in the world. I wondered to myself, where is he going? Out running some errands – Starbucks, laundry?

He was in his late-fifties, not in his prime. As painful a picture as it was, I couldn’t take my eyes off him. Thankfully, I resisted the initial urge to take a photo.

But I was glad to see San Francisco is Still Freaky.

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One thought on “Freaky SF?

  1. Celia Tapping

    What! You didn’t find out where he was going? As I said before you’re not safe on your own. You just attract eccentrics!! Not sure I’m looking forward to a blog on your next trip!!! Take care. 😉 Mx

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