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We packed light for this trip. We were going to be away for four weeks, so I had planned to pack six pairs of undies and do laundry, but I couldn’t count and ended up with only five. This turned out to be an issue, especially on our grand tour of Sri Lanka.

It was stupid hot, over 100 degrees, so all clothing, especially undies, had to be washed often; No wearing them inside out for the second day. So I had to wash them in the sink and hang them around the room to dry. I’d dry them on the balcony, on the chairs, in the shower. Half the time it was too humid and they wouldn’t really dry and I would have to stuff them in my pack damp.

In Sri Lanka, Helen, Rachel and I shared a room in basic guest houses, a kind of Sri Lankan B&B. Now Helen is used to my underwear lying all over the place. But poor Rachel had to endure my undies flung all over the room; Walking into the bathroom first thing in the morning and having to negotiate around my underpants.

I think she may now be suffering from PTSD.

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