King and Queen for a night

When Helen said, “I booked us in for a royal dinner at the hotel in Hue, not really sure what it is, but it looks a little crazy”, I was a little worried. When checking in to the hotel and they said, “For the royal dinner, come down fifteen minutes early to get dressed.” I knew it was going to be a little strange.

Procession, not the best choice of shoes

Procession, not the best choice of shoes

We walked into the dressing room and they had robes and huge hats ready for us, “you’re going to be king and queen.” We looked at each other, eyebrows raised, and smiled. We put on our royal outfits and were led through the lobby and dining room behind two flag bearers and drummers banging away. We entered a large room all decked out and were seated at the head table in front of a group of musicians. We ordered drinks as fast as possible, and the seven course dinner began as the band played traditional songs.

The band

The band

We ate, trying not laugh, as course after course arrived. It was excellent Vietnamese cuisine, but way too much. The band wrapped up as we tried to finish dessert. My goofy hat kept sliding over my eyes, I couldn’t wait to take it off.

King and Queen

King and Queen

I knew I was in for something odd, but it was actually great fun and great food. King for a night was all I needed.

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One thought on “King and Queen for a night

  1. Mum

    She never could resist a chance to dress up!! Think bare feet might have been better. 😉

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