Carry on

We knew we would have to travel light on our four week tour of SE Asia. Visiting five countries, seven flights, multiple trains; you don’t want lug around tons of luggage. We needed to be nimble and mobile, so we decided to travel with backpacks small enough to carry on planes so we wouldn’t have to check anything.

However, I was skeptical. I wondered if this was going to slow Helen down from buying trinkets on our trips. (H: “that’s not going to happen.”) We came up with a plan: hopefully send knick-knacks home with international companies, DHL, UPS, as the government mail service in these countries are suspect. I’m still skeptical.

The weather was going to be hot and I figured we could get laundry done at hotels, so I packed summer clothes for five days, a light fleece and rain jacket, one pair of shoes. I loaded books on the IPad, but packed binoculars and a bird guide; I can’t leave them behind. In the end I stuffed it all in easily, as did Helen, and her pack is smaller. We were quite proud of ourselves as we headed off to the airport.




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