I overhear a tall man in a cowboy hat; “I was ok when they were abducting me. But when they started taking my children and grandchildren, it was war!” And he said it with a straight face.

He and the other extra-terrestrial experts have set up tables at the UFO Museum.  All had books, photos and other alien paraphernalia; displaying the ‘real truth’ about aliens. We struck up a conversation with Darrel Sims, with his big mustache and southern charm.

Apparently he has been abducted many times since childhood and is a Texan; larger than life, cowboy boots, Wrangler jeans, ex-special forces and a bona-fide alien expert.

Darrel has published two books; one on the history of alien implants, and the other, his life-long battle with extra-terrestrial abductions.  He also has a DVD showing a sonogram of a pregnant women that ‘proved’ she was carrying an alien fetus. Tempting. But we went with  ‘Alien Hunter’, the definitive guide on alien abduction and how to fight back.  He signed the book for us and was more than willing to take a photo with me.


Darrel Sims – Alien Hunter

We had wanted to see one speaker at the festival and I think we just found him. We were in luck, later that day Darrel had an hour-long lecture about UFO symbolism in the drawings of children who have been abducted by UFOs.

We were in.

We sat on folded chairs as Darrel projected kid’s drawings of their family and homes onto the wall. He had a red laser pointer to highlight the details, while explaining their hidden meaning and the UFO symbolism.  For example, if the family was looking right, if the window was open on the house, these were clues of possible alien intervention in this child ‘s life.

It was all making sense to me now…

Actually it didn’t make any sense at all.

Speaking the truth.

Darrel speaking the truth

And then he started talking about owls.

A red dot from his pointer highlighted a stick figure owl with big eyes.  He paused dramatically, and then, in a hushed tone; “look here in the tree….an owl ….I could go on for hours about owls and aliens, I actually teach university level classes on owl UFO symbolism.” And then he did go on forever about the fantastical correlation between drawing an owl and being abducted by aliens.

I snorted. He was losing me, or he was losing it.


I believe.

But Darrel did have a cult of personality, memorizing, with his southern Texas drawl and laser pointer and if you focused hard enough, it might just be possible.  I looked around the room of about two dozen attendees, most were rolling their eyes, but there were some true believers intently listening, focused on Darrel and his owls.

I do believe somewhere out there in this vast universe there must be other life forms. And I too was getting hypnotized as he rambled on; I started to see the light.

I snapped to; the light? It was coming from the open door;  so we left.


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