Lucky White Trash Kayak Hat

The one thing I can’t forget on any kayak trip is my lucky hat; or Lucky White Trash Kayak Hat: LWTKH. I wear LWTKH for kayak trips only. I don’t want to use the luck up wearing it all the time; It might only have limited amount of mystical protective power. It hasn’t let me down yet. Eight years and counting.

LWTKH in Boughton's arkipeligo.

LWTKH in Broughton Archipelago.

It’s not easy being my lucky kayak hat. It has to endure salt water, sweat, blazing sun, dirt, sand. Plus poor LWTKH gets no respect: Left outside overnight, used as a potholder, lashed to the deck of my kayak. I wash it in a stream, wring it out and leave it on the beach to dry.

There have been times over the years on trips, in dangerous situations where I have needed a little luck.  LWTKH is always there for me, protecting me from peril, harm and rogue waves.

Lucky White Trash Kayak Hat

Lucky White Trash Kayak Hat.  Looking rough, Post-trip.

After a trip it looks like crap; plastered with sand, dirt stains and it smells like a cross between campfire smoke and wet cat.  But everytime, after a couple of washes, it looks surprisingly good.

If I were to forget it on a trip, I would drive back home for it, no matter how far. Seriously!

A trip would be doomed if I were to forget my Lucky White Trash Kayak Hat.

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