Selfies are all the rage, everyone is doing it, and why not? – they’re fun.

We hopped on the Selfie bandwagon and took a ton of them on our one thousand mile road trip through the deserts of the Southwest.

So here you go; our road trip selfies:

Las Vegas Venetian selfie


Sunrise Grand Canyon selfie

Rain in Grand Canyon selfie


There’s a new sheriff in town selfie


On a mule selfie

H climbing ladder to the mesa verde ruins, selfie

Climbing a ladder to a MesaVerde cliff dwelling selfie

H crawling through entrance  to ruins, selfie

Crawling through entrance to ancient Mesa Verde cliff dwelling selfie.

in the car selfie

Monument Valley driving selfie


Right Mitten Monument Valley shadow selfie

Cheto selfie with the sisters mesa, monument valley

Monument Valley Three Sisters Mesa Cheeto Selfie

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3 thoughts on “Selfies

  1. Tony Gervais

    Gosh Chris, really, stooping to this attention-hogging behavior? You’d never catch me at this level.

  2. Justin Gammon

    Love these pictures. You guys look like your having a blast.


  3. Jenny & Ed Craddock

    Great collection of selfies – and love the locations – we were there is April! 🙂
    Ed & Jenny

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