Super Bowl bound?

It’s late night Wednesday, four days till the Super Bowl and we have to make a decision. We have been going back and forth for a few days now, but time is running out.

The plan is set, waiting to be implemented; we just have to commit, all in, with no regrets. What is the motivation to fly across the country, spend gobs of money, for one sporting event? We could spend it with friends at home on the couch eating every form of chips and dips known to mankind. Much more comfortable than sitting in nose bleed seats in freezing conditions far from home.

The answer is simple; it’s the Super Bowl, dummy and we are not immune to the draw of the cult that is American Football. It’s bragging rights, because you are going to tell everyone you know, “I went to the Super Bowl”. It’s a bucket list event, something that you will never forget.

It’s a chance to visit NYC. Ever since I was a child visiting my sister in the Bronx, I love going to New York. Plus two of my oldest childhood friends live in NYC and it has been way too long since I have seen them. Our beloved Seahawks are in the Super Bowl. It’s our duty as Seattleites to go. “Lets do it.”

Who were we kidding?, from the beginning we both wanted to go bad. We got the plane tickets before going to bed.  We will be taking the red-eye to NYC the following day, less than 24 hours away. Up early the next day, I’m off to get as much work done as possible and Helen is going to hunt for Super Bowl tickets; By 10 am success! Helen finds and purchases tickets for the game, 12 hours until we fly. The rest of the day is a chaotic blur trying to get everything together before we leave. I finish packing moments before the cab arrives. We get to the gate as they are loading the plane. We find our seats and settle in, both exhausted. I fall asleep before we are airborne. Go Hawks!

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