We were told that the python in the rafters of the observation tower was friendly? A friendly python?  So we walked out to take a look; he was massive, coiled up in the timbers.





After the morning game drive, we went out to read in the tower and the python was still in his spot. I joked, “we’ll be fine unless we look up and he is not there.” Sure enough after about an hour I looked up and he had slipped away without a sound. I looked all over and there was no sign of him anywhere.

Helen went back to the room and I would furtively glance around every so often. Suddenly, I could see the python’s head sticking out of the roof looking right at me! I stayed out there but it was hard concentrating on my book with my friend staring down at me.

I heard some noise; looked up and he was slowly coming out of the reeds of the roof to his perch on the rafters. Five minutes later he stopped; he was not fully out of the roof but there was a least ten feet of snake that I could see. That thing was a monster. I prudently decided to go in for lunch.






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