Jail and techno?

We visited the dingy main jail in Jo-burg during Apartheid, that is now a museum. I won’t go into all the descriptions and first-hand accounts, but lack of food, beatings, rape. It’s all there in vivid detail.


Jail cells



During Apartheid, Jo-burg was a white-only city; black people would have to carry working papers to be in the city and then have to be back in the townships at night. If a black person was found in the city without papers or at night they would be thrown into this hell-hole of a prison for multiple days. It’s hard to believe but this happened until the late eighties. The late eighties. Shocking.

The day we looked around, In the courtyard directly above the prison, there was a gay-rights rally with food and info stalls and a DJ pumping out music. It was bizarre wandering around the jail with loud techno music in the air.




Techno Party at Constitution Hill


South Africa has come a long way in just over twenty years; there is a lot left to do but it is encouraging.

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