All teenagers are dumb

Tried to get on the water early to catch slack tide, but I was a little late. No problem,  the tide was with me flowing like a fast-moving river through the shallows and tiny rocky islands just off of John’s Island.

It was a rather large ten foot tide on this morning; a lot of water on the move and I had to concentrate on the unpredictable tidal flow.  Up ahead I noticed what I thought were two oddly shaped dorsal fins in the water. Turns out it wasn’t fins; it was the ears of a deer trying to swim across the one mile wide channel during this large tidal transfer.  Clearly he had no chance.



Miraculously he did somehow manage to scramble onto the last small rocky island; too bad for him it was a flood tide and his island would soon be underwater.  He was a young buck with small nubs for antlers. What was he thinking? I guess teenagers are the same throughout the animal kingdom.

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